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Monday, February 29, 2016

32 Things I Hate

There are those who would call someone like me, of my political opinions, a hater. 
Well, I admit it, I am a hater. 

  • I hate tyranny. 
  • I hate cruelty. 
  • I hate disingenuous debate. 
  • I hate Godlessness. 
  • I hate lies. 
  • I hate selfishness. 
  • I hate entitlement mentality. 
  • I hate abuse of power. 
  • I hate the trampling of the Constitution. 
  • I hate fascism. 
  • I hate arrogant "leadership." 
  • I hate the shutting down of reasoned debate by those who fear rational discourse because they know they can't win on the merits of their argument. 
  • I hate the biased MSM news. 
  • I hate the monopoly of influence held by the news-entertainment-media industrial complex. 
  • I hate the power of money in politics. 
  • I hate the lack of decency and morals among our elected representatives. 
  • I hate revisionist history. 
  • I hate Alynskyite tactics. 
  • I hate moral relativism. 
  • I hate distractions, misdirections, obfuscations, and outright deceptions utilized daily by those who seek to obtain and maintain power while brutally and mercilessly subduing all who may be perceived as standing in the way. 
  • I hate being characterized as a bigot or a neanderthal because I hold to traditional morality. 
  • I hate the fact that my government thinks I am too stupid and/or apathetic to see through their duplicity. 
  • I hate the fact that too many of my fellow citizens *are* too apathetic. 
  • I hate the fact that elections are decided by whoever can deceive and bribe the most voters. 
  • I hate the continued victimization of people by those who claim to have their best interests at heart. 
  • I hate the removal of personal agency disguised as do-gooderism. 
  • I hate the Orwellian use of language in the public sphere. 
  • I hate the confiscation of my property and the infringement of my rights that has become commonplace and standard policy. 
  • I hate that evil is called good and good is called evil — with impunity. 
  • I hate the fact that our liberties are ever-shrinking while the scope and reach of government is ever-expanding. 
  • I hate the sense of foreboding and futility I feel whenever I contemplate the direction our nation and our world are heading. 
  • I hate the fact that there is very little I can personally do to protect my children's future against the enemies of liberty. 

Yep...I am a hater. I do not apologize.